I started developing software professionally in 2008, just around the time the first iPhone SDK was released. Initially I focussed on developing and releasing my own apps, finding success in early 2009 with ‘F1 Mobile’. I followed this with various other sporting apps before beginning to take on clients later that year.

Over the next five years I worked on a large variety of products, mainly iPhone and iPad apps with a little Android/Web/Windows 8 work too. I worked with clients from all over the world some of whom have had great success with top grossing apps and national press coverage.

For my next challenge I moved to London to work with tech startup ‘Paperfold’. I helped get the product to market and developed it over the next 18 months before moving on to help develop the MVP for another startup.

Recently I have decided to move back into consulting. I enjoy helping people bring their ideas to life. If you have an idea, get in touch. My rate is currently $100 per hour but I am also happy to negotiate fixed rates for smaller projects.