Breathe (Beta)

I like to meditate but often I forget or can’t find the time. Both are terrible excuses but I lack the motivation to overcome these ‘challenges’.¬†That’s why I created the Breathe extension for Chrome. It makes it simple and hard to forget.¬†Click the Breathe button and a new tab will open encouraging you to breathe.

It lasts for 60 seconds, closes the tab, and you can get back to work. One click meditation. No sounds, pictures, tracking or other complications.

For now this is a beta product. I want to keep it simple but I’m going to eventually allow some minor customisation. I will also make the UI more appealing to look at.

The goal here was to get out an MVP and have fun creating my first Chrome extension. I’ll be publishing a post detailing that process soon.

For now though, you can download Breathe here.